December 31, 2007

Welcome to Popping Poems.

I like alliteration a lot, thus the spontaneous title.
I like the idea of poems being ingested like vitamins or recreational mind-altering substances.
I like the idea of holding dozens of tiny multi-coloured poems in my hand and overdosing on creative energy and emotion.

Poems should revitalize us. When we are caught in a rut, a poem should be able to pry us out of a funk. It should be the crobar that pops open the lid of the box we are trapped in. Poems should help us stretch our chi in all directions. All we have to do is communicate in prose. All we have to do is let go of fear and let someone else in or at least allow others to play voyeur to our secret selves.

I wanted a blog that was separate from my corporate blog and had more personal pieces online. I will try and post here an archive of old poems and new ones as they are born. I will talk more about my interests and perhaps walk that fine line between more exposure and unsafe web practices. Will I get lost in the millions of bloggers out there with unguarded feelings, mundane commentary about life, and mediocre poetry?


Can you find your way back here ever again?

That sounds like the beginning of a new poem.

090806 RK


At 2:55 PM, Blogger Reshmi Kutty said...

I'm not really sending this from the future, but I did want the welcome blog entry to appear first so that new visitors could have an immediate bienvenue/wilkommen/howdy.

The rest of the poems appear in chronological order, and retroactively in the archives.

Enjoy poetry, for pleasure, for what ails you, for any reason at all.



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