August 21, 2006

Encouragement for MBM

to my best friend MBM

we are in each other's lives for a reason
for many reasons perhaps
but today I just want to tell you to chin up
i want to lecture you on self-belief
i believe that you are forging your way
clearing the clutter and making clear the path
all the choices you make are shaping your future
and your destiny
and it's all happening for your highest good
and as for not knowing what you are doing with your life
please try to remember
there has to be a little mystery to life
and it is constantly changing
so you cannot "know" about all things
you can only "be"
and be ready to face new challenges
and moments that will define you
and for the adventure that life is
your life is good
you have your health, you have love
you have a home and you have great prospects
this time may seem uncertain
but your talent and determination will bridge you
to the next and all opportunities that lie ahead of you

just have faith in yourself and your talent the way i do
the way your true love does
the way everyone who meets you and senses
all the greatness you have within you

we love you
like a chorus of angels in the universe
cheering your name
you can accomplish anything


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