October 06, 2002


If we are to be the caretakers
Then care take
With force
With vigour
Love who you are until you cannot fathom a flaw
Until you break every lie
Everything placed in your way to hold you back
Tear away what was dumped on your small body
And see that you are given strength
So secret and powerful
That no one sees it coming
No one sees it seething in you
It is the self-force
To destroy that which keeps you from growing
They think they can keep you small
With control
With manipulation
But they can only slow down the inevitable
You are growing
You are a supernova waiting
To shine
Your brightness will burn all the falseness
Every pain you endured will evaporate
In the freedom
Waiting for you to claim it

Even your body has shifted
You hold your head up with defiance
They can't even see yet because they are blinded by their
Erected to control you
Finally betraying them
As you prevail

Simply because this was always your destiny


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