July 14, 2004

Dear Sailor

dear sailor
dear heart
dearest to me

i feel like i'm ready to let go of
what I hold on to
of what holds me back
i feel like i'm ready to come to you
towards a future
i feel like i
can say goodbye
to the hurt
that buried my goodness
six feet under dirt

obliterated, nearly annihilated
i'm stronger now
thanks to you, and that love you have
that sticky kind, that fixative
that love you give

last night I felt a sweet peace
the kind that settles in on quiet souls
that rest that belongs to the innocent
it all feels like it's meant
to be, easily, mine

I used to bury myself into the bodies of men
For comfort
For respite from the pain of life

Never have I felt this lightness of being
To steal from Kundera
With you I bury nothing
We just build

From strength to strength